Recreational marijuana is finally going to be in stores next week, starting July 8, after Initiative 502 was approved in Washington state in November 2012. The path to get here has not been easy: Washington had to build its new pot-protocol from the ground up, while Colorado piggybacked on its existing legal medical-marijuana system. The status of medical marijuana and edible industries continue to be a source of concern and confusion locally.

One area of concern is the appeal of edibles to youngsters, who cannot legally consume the products. Many packages look like candy wrappers, with the stoner versions of popular candy names. For now, edibles will be sold after their packages are approved by the state Liquor Control Board.

It seems late for the Liquor Control Board to be considering more new regulations. While necessary, this doesn’t exactly instill confidence in the readiness of the pot system.

And medical marijuana still seems to be in limbo. Ironically, The Seattle Times reports, recreational shops are expected to have better quality control because they will be regulated.

There will undoubtedly be hiccups along the way as the state Liquor Control Board and retailers figure out what this new pot system will look like. We just hope the whole thing doesn’t go up in smoke.