Tuesday, May 26, 2015 4:33 PM
Seattle usually comes to a standstill when a march — peaceful or not — is scheduled. In this case, it wasn’t downtown but Port of Seattle business that was affected.
  • The other morning, conversation over coffee turned to recent events out in Enumclaw. Rather than share a house in a divorce settlement, a disgruntled husband got a demolition permit and bulldozed the dwelling into splinters. 
  • Seattle usually comes to a standstill when a march — peaceful or not — is scheduled. In this case, it wasn’t downtown but Port of Seattle business that was affected. 
    I left my hometown of New York City in summer 1986 and drove across the country to Seattle — escaping from or escaping to, I’m not sure…perhaps a bit of both. 
  • A recent study from the Seattle University School of Law found that by making homelessness a crime, cities are actually costing themselves more. 
  • AMONG THE ANIMALS | Seattle politics on animal welfare

    The Woodland Park Zoo (WPZ) has spent a century justifying its existence as an educational institution for our community, but the evidence of that purpose has never been so barren.

  • Starla Smith wrote such a wonderful column regarding her mother.

  • GUEST COLUMN | The truth about the Seattle Preschool Program

    The recent column “But it’s for the kids,” by Geov Parrish, is rife with inaccuracies and misleading statements about the content and intent of the Seattle Preschool Program.

  • “No major findings stand in the way of arena construction,” Mayor Ed Murray said of the Final Environmental Impact Statement recently released for the project — except for one glaring omission: public funding. 
  • I don’t know what to make of some of the things I hear my audiences say.  
  • STARLA SPEAKS | A Mother's Day memory
    In a few days, it will be Mother’s Day. For those who still have living mothers, you are blessed. The rest of us must content ourselves with our memories. 
  • Last fall, the Seattle City Council gave voters a choice between two competing ballot measures that never should have been juxtaposed. 
  • All Seattleites know that May Day demonstrations can get a little rowdy, and this year’s were no exception.

  • Kshama Sawant’s recent behavior can’t be winning any votes for her City Council campaign. 
  • It is 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning. I quietly enter the community acupuncture clinic and wait for my acupuncturist to come out from behind the beige cotton curtain that separates me from six inviting beds.

  • It says something when more than 4,000 educators and their supporters rallied outside an empty Capitol building in Olympia last Saturday, April 25, to protest legislators who have yet to fully fund education.

  • Within days after the city introduced its new “9 1/2 Block Strategy” to combat illegal activity in the main downtown retail and business core, more than 100 people were arrested for selling various kinds of drugs.

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