Once, in the 1960s, a citizen-driven overhaul of government in this state — the era of Governor Dan Evans — effected changes that still resonate today.

Bi-partisanship received more than lip service.

Mary Ellen McCaffree, who was a four-term legislator from north Seattle and north Queen Anne, and writer Anne McNamee Corbett, will sign and discuss their book, “Politics of the Possible, The Decade Our American Democracy Worked,” at Magnolia’s Bookstore, 3206 W. McGraw St. Saturday, Oct. 13, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

As the authors put it in the preface: “More than history, this book affirms what is possible here and now.”

The book has garnered considerable notice in the political and business world. Bill Gates, Sr. has noted: “Readers will tend to weigh what they see happening today against the important principles Mary Ellen McCaffree lays out so effectively in ‘Politics of the Possible.’”