With friends like these…

Seattle Police responded to an assault in which a Queen Anne man had reportedly been stabbed with a 10-inch chef’s knife around 4:30 a.m. Oct. 29. 

Police arrived at the scene, an apartment on Sixth Avenue North, and found the victim waiting for them outside.

The victim had about a three-inch laceration on his left forearm, just above the wrist. He said that his friend had cut him with a large chef's knife. 

His friends came over to his place around 3:30 that morning, and when one of the friends fell asleep on the couch, the other told the victim she wanted to use some of his medical marijuana. When he refused, she tried to wake the other friend up. 

When the victim stopped her, she punched the victim in the face, giving him a bloody nose. The victim attempted to push her out of his apartment, telling her she had to leave. In the struggle, they both fell to the ground.

The suspect got up and went into the kitchen, grabbed the knife, and used it to cut the victim. 

The other friend told police he woke up sometime during the commotion and saw the suspect wielding the knife. He grabbed her from behind and attempted to choke her, he said.

The victim took all of the knives out of the kitchen and hid them behind his bed. He then went outside of his apartment and called 911. 

Once police arrived, he was treated by Seattle Fire and transported to an emergency room by ambulance.

The witness told police the suspect ran out of the apartment and was last seen running southbound. Officers searched the neighborhood for the suspect but were unable to locate her. 

The victim said the suspect didn’t drive and gave the officers her address. 

Officers responded to the given address at about 5:15 a.m. and didn’t find the suspect there. 

Fleeing the scene

Around 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 31, a man entered a store in the 300 block of Broad Street and asked an employee if he could look at an iPhone. The man then grabbed two iPhones, ran out of the store and jumped into a waiting car being driven by another person.

The employee ran out after the man and jumped onto the back of the suspect’s car and held onto the trunk as the suspect fled the area at speeds up to 40 mph. The suspects braked hard and made numerous erratic turns in an apparent attempt to get the employee off the car.

The suspects continued trying to shake the employee from the back of the car for about four blocks. The employee finally lost his grip and fell off of the speeding car in the intersection of Third Avenue and Wall Street.

Two witnesses saw the man hanging off the back of the car and followed in their car. They told police they could both identify the suspects if they saw them again but did not get a license-plate number.

One witness was able to give a very detailed description of the suspect. He said he noticed the suspect was wearing a shirt similar to one he owns. 

The victim declined medical aid, but he had a rip in the back of his pants and a scratch on his arm and knee. 

The police and his managers at work advised the man not to jump on the back of a getaway vehicle again.


Slick robber

Seattle Police report that a bank located in the 3300 block of West McGraw Street was held up in an armed robbery at 2:30 p.m. Oct. 30. 

The bank employee reported a man wearing a raincoat with a hoodie pulled tight, entered the bank and approached him with his hands in his pocket. The suspect came around to the counter and pulled a gun out of his pocket. The robber wore gardening gloves.

The suspect told the employee all he wanted were the $50 and $100 bills. The employee told him he didn’t have any, so the suspect told him to go to the vault. The employee told police he opened the vault and gave the robber two stacks of 10s. Once he was given the money, the suspect left the bank, heading southbound. 

Nobody else in the bank noticed the robbery taking place, according to the police report. 

Police officers searched the area for the suspect but were unable to locate him.