This list of crimes was compiled from censored police reports and written by Lydia Sprague

Mistaken identity

On May 26, police responded to a burglary call at a home in the 1000 block of Sixth Avenue North at 11 p.m. When they arrived, they immediately noticed the front door casing had significant damage and the frame was broken as if the door had been kicked in.

The resident told police he’d been sleeping on the couch when he heard a loud bang, followed by what sounded like three people coming into the home and telling him to get on the floor.

When he got down on the floor, he felt something touching the back of his head; he couldn’t tell if it was a bat or a gun.

He heard the burglars rummaging through his home. One of them repeatedly asked, “Where’s the money?”

The victim said he didn’t know anything about any money.

He also said the burglars put his camera and laptop into a pillowcase but forgot to grab it when they left.

The burglars did take his wallet and his briefcase, which contained $40 cash, an iPhone, a leather portfolio, four bankcards and a passport.

All of the doors and drawers were open, and the sheets and mattress were on the floor. The couch cushions were also thrown to the floor.

The victim said he recently moved to Seattle, and he doesn’t know who would have done this or why.

The building’s manager spoke with police. He said the previous tenant had just moved out of the unit. He said he had noticed a lot of people entering and leaving the home when the former tenant lived there; he thought there was possibly some narcotics activity happening.

Police ran the address and found several previous calls to this home regarding narcotics and illicit activity. Officers think the burglars were looking for the previous tenant. 

Pried front door

On May 20 at 3:41 a.m., police responded to a burglary call from an alarm company that an alarm sounded at a building in the 100 block of Nickerson Street.

Police arrived to find the front door pried open. Officers checked inside and saw no one. It looked like nothing had been disturbed inside; the burglars may have been scared off by the alarm.

The alarm company called the office’s assistant manager, who responded to the building and confirmed nothing was missing or moved.

Police checked for fingerprints but didn’t find any. 

Pried lockbox

On May 20 at 2:45 a.m., police responded to a call from an alarm company reporting an alarm trip at a business in the 500 block of West McGraw Street. Police responded at 4:16 a.m. and immediately saw the northeast door had been pried open. No one was inside.

A small lockbox was found on the floor under the cash register. The lockbox had been bolted to the counter but was pried off by the burglar; it had also been pried open.

The business owner arrived and noted that $500 had been taken out of the lockbox.

The burglar left behind a flashlight.

Busted glass door

A woman went over to a friend’s house in the 4200 block of 27th Avenue West at 6:45 p.m. on May 19 to feed her cat while she was away, only to find that the front door had been kicked in and the house had been ransacked.

The woman had already checked inside the house and found nobody inside by the time police arrived.

The glass front door was shattered.

The woman called the homeowner, and while they couldn’t determine what items were missing, they were certain the TV was gone.