Overnight on Thursday, July 10, between midnight and 6 a.m., westbound Mercer Street will close between Ninth and Dexter avenues North. This is to accommodate final preparation for the installation of a new temporary roadway along the east side of Dexter Avenue between Mercer and Roy streets. 

Westbound Mercer Street traffic will detour north onto Roy Street and reconnect to westbound Mercer at Dexter. 

Traffic on Dexter Avenue North will shift to the temporary roadway by 6 a.m. Friday, July 11, between Roy and Republican streets so that crews may work in the intersection of Dexter and Mercer. 

Travelers can expect the following conditions: 

•Travel lanes shifted to the east of the existing intersection at Dexter Avenue North and Mercer Street;

•One lane of traffic in each direction (same as the current configuration);

•Separated bicycle lanes; and

•Pedestrian access along the east side of the roadway.

Over the next month, crews will construct an additional temporary roadway along the south side of Mercer Street between the state Route 99 overpass and Eighth Avenue North. Once complete, traffic will shift onto the temporary road with two lanes in each direction. 

These activities will temporarily shift the intersection of Mercer Street and Dexter Avenue North to the southeast and allow crews to complete demolition and utility work in the current intersection of Mercer and Dexter while maintaining traffic through the corridor. 

The temporary roadways on Mercer Street and Dexter Avenue North will be in place for approximately one year. 

More information about alternate routes during construction may be found at www.seattle.gov/transportation/mercercorridor.htm.