Queen Anne resident Amy Enser will premiere her animated film about family homelessness, “The Beast Inside,” the evening of Monday, May 19, at the Harvard Exit Theater (807 E. Roy St.,) as part of Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). The film will also premiere online after Monday, May 19. (To reserve tickets for this free event and viewing the film online, go to americanrefugees.org.

Enser, who directed the piece, was selected as one of five acclaimed filmmakers to participate in Seattle University’s new Film & Family Homelessness Project, funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Enser collaborated with animator Drew Christie to create “The Beast Inside,” one of four short animated films that tell the stories of thousands of Washington families who are homeless or living in poverty.

The story of “The Beast Inside” illustrates the viewpoint of a teenager in a homeless family, highlighting the difficulties of both being a teen and being homeless. Enser used her documentary background to find and conduct all the interviews for the story. Once the interviews were cut together, Christie used hand-drawn animation to illustrate this story. 

Each Fellow received a grant of $8,000. Seattle University students from the Digital Design, Film Studies and other programs have worked with the filmmakers as production assistants.