The six-month deadline for NW Center Kids is nearly here (Tuesday, June 10), but the all-abilities daycare is still in its north Queen Anne facility.

NW Center was informed late last year that it had six months to vacate its building (2919 First Ave. W.). Seattle Public Schools, which owns the building, intends to use it to house its Cascade Parent Partnership Program.

A property in North Seattle has been identified as NW Center Kids’ future home, and a contingent purchase-and-sale agreement has been signed. There is another site that has been identified as a backup site, in case there are “unforeseen problems” at the North Seattle site, according to a FAQ sheet from NW Center.

The building in North Seattle will not be available until July 1. And even then, there is still due diligence and modifications needed before the building can be ready to accommodate the children, including the 40 percent of NW Center students who have developmental disabilities.

“As we have repeatedly stated, we need more time,” the FAQ sheet said.   “Fortunately, potential solutions came together and lines of communication with Seattle Public Schools have opened up so that we are cautiously optimistic we will be able to work together to make a safe and orderly transition to a new facility by Nov. 1 or earlier if possible.” 

The FAQ sheet mentioned a temporary, interim space was suggested to move NW Center out of the facility before Nov. 1. But the goal is to minimize the impact on the vulnerable populations at the school, the sheet said.