A Seattle P-I article published today details the story of a Magnolia home that a man allegedly used to distribute heroin and firearms.

The man, Jorge Camps, has been watched by Seattle Police after it was reported that he had sold a handgun in exchange for heroin, the P-I reports.

Camps lived in the basement of a home at 25th Avenue West, along with an older couple, their son and another tenant. They told police they didn’t know what was going on.

Camps could spend years in prison if he’s convicted of the charges against him. He supposedly became a dealer for people who weren’t allowed to buy weapons; he himself hasn’t been legally allowed to own firearms since 2007.

In a sting set up by police, Camps sold a firearm to a police informant and then sold him heroin later on in the day. The home was raided the next morning.

Officers found three handguns, nine rifles, body armor, police patches and badges and two small explosives during the raid.

Read the story: www.seattlepi.com/local/article/ATF-Heroin-addict-turned-Magnolia-home-into-5451057.php